Getting Started
Playing RPG Thunder is easy and fun! We'll help you get started.

Registering with the bot

If you haven't played before, the first thing you need to do is register with the bot! This will create your account, and let you choose a class.
By default, all commands to communicate with RPG Thunder will start with a $, but server admins can change the prefix, so it may vary by server.
To register, simply type:
The bot will then list out all of the available classes you can choose from (More coming soon!). Read through the classes, and decide which one you'd like to play as. They are all unique in their own way. Once you choose a class, there's no going back, so choose wisely!
To choose the class you want, simply type the following in any text channel RPG Thunder is in, replacing {class} with the class you’d like to choose:
Now you're ready to go on an adventure! You start out in the small city of Ashsquare, but can later travel to over 26 different cities and areas! Your main goal will be to level up. You can achieve this in many different ways. We'd recommend checking out the section on Basic Commands to get an idea on what you can do!
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