Basic Commands

These are some basic commands you’ll most likely use frequently with RPG Thunder.

All commands can be found in Discord by typing $help

By default RPG Thunder uses a $ as the command prefix, but server admins can change the prefix, so it may vary by server.

​🥇Statistics commands🏅

  • profile – View your profile, equipped items, and other stats.

  • currencies – View your coins and valor.

  • materials – View your acquired materials.

  • inventory – View all of your extra weapons, armor, and trinkets.

  • spellbook – View the spells you know.

  • abilities – View your currently equipped spells.

  • consumables – View the consumables you own.

  • cooldown – See your cooldown time on all basic commands.

  • ready – See all commands that are not currently in cooldown.

​⚔Fighting Commands⚔

  • rest – Take a long rest to fully heal. Available every 24 hours.

  • explore – explore the area, and encounter fierce creatures.

  • boss – fight the areas boss, this battle will be difficult!

​⚒Gathering Commands⚒

  • mine – mine the current area for valuable resources such as rubies, iron ore, amethyst, or coins.

  • harvest – gather berries, acorns, apples, and other consumable resources from the area.

  • chop – gather wood from a nearby forest, useful for crafting.

  • fish – fish in a nearby body of water.

​💰Economy commands💰

  • gift – gift any item, or coins to another user.

  • shop – Check out the shop in the current city, items vary by town.

  • buy – Used to buy items from the shop.

  • sell – Used to sell items to the shop.