Basic Commands

These are some basic commands you’ll most likely use frequently with RPG Thunder.

By default RPG Thunder uses a $ as the command prefix, but server admins can change the prefix, so it may vary by server.

Type $register to create a character, and learn how to play!

All commands can be found by typing $help in game

general info General Info general info

  • help - Will give you more details on a specific command or list all commands.

    • Usage: $help [command] or $help

  • itemdata - Shows all the information about an item.

    • Usage: $itemdata [itemID/ItemName]

  • spelldata - Shows all the information about a spell.

    • Usage: $spelldata [spellID/spellName]

  • zones - List all the available zones.

    • Usage: $zones

  • classes - List all the available classes.

    • Usage: $classes

  • classinfo - Shows all the information about the specified class.

    • Usage: $classinfo [Optional: Classname]

economy Economy economy

  • donate - Shows more information about how to support RPG Thunder.

    • Usage: $donate

  • shop - Visit the shop and see what your current zone's town has in stock.

    • Usage: $shop [optional: page] -[optional: filters]

  • buy - Buy an item from your current zone's shop.

    • Usage: $buy [itemName/itemID] [optional: amount]

  • sell - Sell one or more items for its default selling price.

    • Usage: $sell [itemName1/itemID1] [optional: amount], [itemName2/itemID2] [optional: amount]

  • sellall - Sell all of an item for its default selling price.

    • Usage: $sellall -[filter1] -[filter2] -[filter3]...

  • giveitem - Give an item to a player.

    • Usage: $giveitem [itemID/itemName] [optional: amount] [@user]

  • givecurrency - Give currency to a player.

    • Usage: $givecurrency [currencyName] [optional: amount] [@user]

  • lottery - Enter the lottery for a chance on the big price!

    • Usage: $lottery [buy/tickets/price/prize] [amount]

user info User Info user info

  • profile - Shows a user profile containing their class, stats and currencies.

    • Usage: $profile [optional: @User]

  • equipment - Shows a user equipment in detail.

    • Usage: $equipment [optional: @User]

  • professions - Shows a users professions and their skill.

    • Usage: $profession [optional: @User]

  • currencies - Shows your currencies.

    • Usage: $currencies

  • experience - Shows your progress in your level.

    • Usage: $experience

  • health - Shows your remaining health.

    • Usage: $health

  • inventory - Shows all of the items you currently own.

    • Usage: $inventory [page] -[query1] -[query2]...

  • spellbook - Shows the abilities available to your class.

    • Usage: $spellbook [page] -[query1] -[query2]...

  • spells - Shows your current equipped abilities.

    • Usage: $spells

cooldowns Cooldowns cooldowns

  • cooldown - Check your remaining cooldowns.

    • Usage: $cooldown

  • ready - Check the commands that are off cooldown.

    • Usage: $ready

  • weekly - Claim a weekly reward.

    • Usage: $weekly

  • daily - Claim a daily reward.

    • Usage: $daily

  • vote - Get rewards by voting for the bot every 12 hours.

    • Usage: $vote

equipment Equipment equipment

  • equip - Equips an item.

    • Usage: $equip [itemName/itemID]

  • unequip - Unequips an item.

    • Usage: $unequip [main-hand/off-hand/head/chest/legs/feet/trinket]

  • equipspell - Equip a spell in a specific slot.

    • Usage: $equipspell [spellName/spellID]

  • use - Use an item.

    • Usage: $use [itemName/itemID]

fighting Fighting fighting

  • explore - Explore in your current zone.

    • Usage: $explore

  • travel - Travel to another zone.

    • Usage: $travel [Zone]

  • boss - Fight the current zone's boss. You must unlock this first by exploring.

    • Usage: $boss

gambling Gambling gambling

  • coinflip - Gamble any amount of your coins with a 50/50 coinflip.

    • Usage: $coinflip [h/t](heads or tails) [amount (number/half/full)]

  • blackjack - Gamble any amount of your coins in a blackjack game.

    • Usage: $blackjack [[amount (number/half/full)]

professions Professions professions

  • recipes - View your professions recipes.

    • Usage: $recipes [profession] [page] -[filter1] -[filter2]...

  • craft - Craft an item from a recipe and gain skill in your profession by doing so.

    • Usage: $craft [itemName/ItemID] [Amount]

  • mine - Mine in your current zone for its resources.

    • Usage: $mine

  • harvest - Scour your current zone for its harvest-able materials.

    • Usage: $harvest

  • chop - Chop for wood in your current zone.

    • Usage: $chop

  • fish - Fish in a nearby lake or body of water.

    • Usage: $fish

administrative Administrative administrative

Note: You must be an admin in the server to use the following commands

  • rpgthunder setprefix - Change the bots prefix. (This command does not use a $)

    • Usage: rpgthunder setprefix [prefix]

  • rpgthunder prefix - Check what the current prefix is set to. (This command does not use a $)

    • Usage: rpgthunder prefix

  • rpgthunder resetprefix - Change the bots prefix back to default. (This command does not use a $)

    • Usage: rpgthunder resetprefix

  • blacklist - Set a channel you do not want the bot to work in.

    • Usage: $blacklist [#Channel]